Issue No3

The magazine was intended to speak about various forms, experiences, and senses of Nostalgia locally and globally. While the first two issues directly dealt with the topic, in hopes of awakening the process of inventive or reflexive thinking, the third issue does not deal with Nostalgia as such, but instead deals with the subject which invokes a feeling of Nostalgia in most of the local population. Georgian people feel nostalgia towards theatre and the feeling is justified. Without analyzing and delving into the reason as to why that may be, I have decided to offer the platform to theatre theory, as I identify the lack of it to be the primary reason for the lack of the broader vitalism in theatre. Theatre can be vital in Georgia, but only in small pockets and crevices, which are not safeguarded but shunned by the government and increasingly used as a tool for political manipulation and control and not vice versa.

This magazine was created amidst the attempts to repress culture by the minister, Tea Tsulukiani, who prior to the dismantling of the culture sector, had destroyed and incapacitated the judicial system in Georgia. Once Georgian theatre was a great space for protest and truth-telling, which is why, together with other artists, it was purged and targeted by the Soviets. Not today. Today theatre is tamed, and the Georgian culture is purposefully being distorted, restricted, defunded, controlled, and realigned toward the future that most artists and its viewers stand against. It feels that once again freedom is being repressed. For example, leading up to the Europalia festival, the minister has cancelled the funding for the previously approved participants, due to their political views. While the ministry should support and encourage an exchange of Georgian art with the broader world, our government closes the borders, shuts the horizons and isolates the country further and further. The trend is dangerous. Therefore I am grateful for all the participants who question the role of theatre today  hoping that they will  inspire new generations to find relevance and bring new and deeper layers to the Georgian theatre experience.

We hope to continue our work and bring depth to the neglected, conventional, or mysterious topics linking Georgia with the global village.



David Gabunia, Nico Boon, Ellis Meeusen
Giorgi Jamburia 
Vera Schindler
Ana Gzirishvili
Keti Nadibaidze
Sandro Kalandadze
Carlm Hegemann
Temo Rekhviashvili
Gigla Gonashvili

The Third Issue of the magazine has been funded by the Europalia, intended to be part of the Europalia Georgia 2023.

Founder and Editor in Chief: Mariam Megvinyte.
Graphic Design: Mariam Epitashvili.

All the texts, except Carl Hegemann, have been written especially for the magazine.
Rights remain with the authors.

Circa 2023
280 pg.
Edition of 400 Copies
21 gel