Issue No1

De:nostalgia – annual, bilingual, research and interdisplinary magazine focusing on the revaluation and deconstruction of the past. 

Founded in the 2021, as a response to Covid-19 pandemic, the magazine brings dievrse and overlooked voices that question status quo. The first issue was fully funded by the people, while the second issue is in progress and will be released <May 2022>.

Now more than ever Georgia urgently needs to re-evaluate its past experiences. Polarised media sources create two separate realities where independent honest and analytical dialogues are not taking place. It is only natural that in this given situation no one is rethinking the past because no one is listening to one seems as if there is no time to listen and as a result we are left with a ‘seeming’ reality that relates to know one and create a state that is wanted by no one. De: nostalgia is an attempt to fill this lack of dialogue and present an independent publication, which offers diverse and honest discussions.

The first issue of this publication is my own private attempt to pay back to the sector of the society, which is often silenced despite its huge efforts to move the country forward: professional women. Their voices are left unheard in their own professional environments, just as they are absent in the discussions regarding countries development. Country which hasn’t been able to come out of the swamp of the past is in dire need of new dialogues change of perspective and rethinking of the existing structures and past experiences. And of course when the Covid pandemic halted the entire world it became clear just how necessary it is to actively thing about the kind of future we want to live in…

Mariam Megvinyte

Ekaterine Chavchanidze
Ines Beyers
Anastasia Chanturaia
Nana Kalandadze
Nino Makhashvili
Sarah Cowels
Mariam Megvinyte

Graphic Design:
Mariam Epitashvili
Mariam Megvinyte

The issue has been fully funded by the people!